How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business


How Twitter Works

In the modern technological age that people live in today, the ability to use social network outlets for anything is a necessity now. One of the most widely used outlets that exist comes in the form of Twitter. Along with Facebook, Twitter is undoubtedly at the peak of its popularity right now, seeing as how the website initially gained is popularity at the end of the 2000s decade.

Initially starting as a podcasting service, Twitter has become a vast social networking website that has well over half a billion registered members. Like Facebook, the purpose of the site is primarily for people to socialize over the internet, keep in contact with friends and family, and stay up to date on all of the latest news stories. Not only does the average person likely have a Twitter account, but celebrities, athletes, comedians, news anchors, sports commentators, politicians, and even the President of the United States have their own mind as well. Celebrities amass a significant following and by extension, have far more influence in society than they have in the past.

Twitter for Business

But Twitter isn't only for social networking. Like many other websites that cater to those interested in socializing, using Twitter for local online marketing is also another use for it, too. Individuals are not the only ones who use social media for any given reason, businesses and various organizations use it also to promote their own agendas and often cater to what masses of people want, just by reading what others who follow them have tweeted.

For newer companies, online marketing is essential for brand awareness and overall marketing strategy. With all of the retweeting that is done, the more people that see what is being posted, the more people who are likely to take some interest and then follow said business on the site and therefore increase its exposure. Not only is using the online approach practical for spreading the word and more comfortable to do, but it is also less time consuming and works instantaneously as well.

Tiny Url

Twitter is excellent for driving traffic to your site, but unlike other social networking platforms, Twitter is limited to 140 characters at a time. With this limited real estate, using a URL shortener is essential. Otherwise, you'll be using valuable characters on a long link to your site.

Increasing Your Reach

As a new business, one goal you should have is increasing your following and audience reach. Hashtags are searchable, and your content will reach those who search for the hashtag even if they don't follow you. This kind of free advertising is gold!

Twitter SEO

Twitter is not only searchable within the platform itself. Google indexes Twitter content. This means that every time someone retweets your tweet (with the link), your domain authority and reach increases.


Engaging followers on social media, including Twitter, has three benefits. First, it keeps a business in constant contact with its customers. Second, it allows one to find opportunities to have a conversation and serve the public better through fixing complaints. Third, it gives a business a competitive advantage if they are successful at fully engaging its customers.

A business that does not respond to their customer's complaints and questions lose business fast. This is true no matter if the customer is on Twitter or at a customer service desk in a store. Most companies have not grasped this concept. Using this knowledge to start a tight-knit communication circle with fans on social media allows companies to learn their customer's needs and wants.

A famous man once said a complaint is an opportunity to serve the customer better. Following this advice makes good business sense when it comes to the public. They want to be heard by the business and feel that they are essential to the company and the people that work for it. Complaints can allow managers to spot patterns in customer service ratings, customer comments and complaints, and reasons for returns. It gives companies a chance to engage the customer and change their mind to a more positive view when problems do arise. Customers are easier to keep than they are to find. It takes less money to keep a customer happy than it does to spend resources on searching for new ones.

Businesses that learn how to interact with their customer's by increasing their social media presence have the chance to gain a competitive advantage.

Advertising on Twitter is relatively inexpensive. Using these social media outlets allows companies to interact with customers on their level. Using social media to create a strong bond with customers can enhance brand presence and increase marketing potential exponentially. The companies that choose to go this route and become successful in the early stages are often recipients of the early bird effect. This allows companies to reap the benefits of entering a market sooner than other companies. Social media presence has many benefits for businesses and individuals alike. Because the social media companies are in the beginning stages of their lifetimes, they are easily entered with lower upfront costs.


The key to successful advertising with Twitter or any other social media site is consistency.

This does not mean that you have to spend your entire life on social media. A good social media strategist will subscribe to social media schedulers like Hootsuite or Butter that will significantly reduce the time it takes to post.

Make sure that you create regular posts that are relevant and exciting to your brand. Try posting new products or services, new and exciting news in the industry, and any other content that your ideal customer might be interested in.

When trying to drive traffic to your or a partner's site, include a link to your website when posting. Readers are more likely to click on it when it is included.

For some people, social media's learning curve can be excessively long and high, the opportunities to make fatal mistakes is higher. There's no need to make every post a work of art; this isn't Hemingway or Shakespeare, just engaging an audience that will migrate to your website and buy. Social media lets users share good ideas and useful products with trusted friends, so they have to trust the social site. Get your facts straight, plan, and think before posting, and have a consulting partner to keep you relevant and savvy. Social media is a path to profit and success or a minefield, watch where you walk.